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I set up a blog to avoid packing for a trip. Chances are, I will never write on it again. If I do, it will probably be about the boring things that I am up to like cooking or school or riding my bike.

onthestairwell-deactivated20130 asked: good girl

:) that’s definitely subjective…..

2 years ago
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To do lists

I made a to do list of things I need to do tonight. So far, I’ve crossed out write a to do list and download music (which I added to the end of my list because I was doing it instead of the things on my list). I’m about to cross off watch Dexter. I wrote kinda next to pack for my trip because I made a list of things to not forget and checked to make sure my travel bag still has plenty of ‘safety gear’. Yeah, I’m a lazy sex fiend.

3 years ago
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